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Hausmoney™: How can I avoid/decrease ATM fees?
Hausmoney™: How can I avoid/decrease ATM fees?

This article provides guidance on different ways you can avoid having to pay ATM fees when trying to get cash.

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Get Cash Back

The best practice to get access to cash while avoiding fees is by going to a merchant like Target, Walmart, a local grocery store, or a gas station and requesting cash back when making a purchase with your Hausmoney™ card. There are typically no fees attached to this type of transaction.

Tip: You can get cash back with both your virtual and physical Hausmoney cards.

Using a Payment App

In some cases where you might use cash to pay, it might be possible to pay digitally. This would be one way to avoid having to withdraw funds from an ATM. For example, some small retailers may accept payments digitally, via Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, Zelle, or other digital payment providers. There are also some service providers that accept tips through these payment apps. There may need to be some behavioral changes in how you use cash and you may still have to withdraw from an ATM at times, but less frequently.

Let us know other ways you can avoid having to pay ATM fees, we'd love to hear from you and share your ideas with the Hausmoney community!

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