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Hausmoney™: How my Hausmoney physical debit card and Hausmoney virtual debit card are different
Hausmoney™: How my Hausmoney physical debit card and Hausmoney virtual debit card are different

This article provides guidance on understanding the differences between your physical Hausmoney card and your virtual Hausmoney card.

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Difference #1: One is virtual and one is, well, a physical card.

Once you are good to go on the Hausmoney™ app, you are issued two cards, a physical Hausmoney card, and a virtual Hausmoney card. Kind of cool :)

If you're wondering how long it takes for your physical card to arrive - expect around two weeks or five to seven business days.

Difference #2: One can be used once you are in your Hausmoney app while the other can be used once you activate it.

The second you have successfully signed up in the Hausmoney app you are issued your virtual card right in the app. This means you can start spending as soon as you have cash in your Hausmoney accounts.

Tip: Since you get your virtual card immediately, most people put their virtual Hausmoney card in their Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. This means you don't need to wait for your physical card to arrive in the mail in order to use your money!

Your physical card is just as cool, but it can only be used once you have received it in the mail and activated it - you can activate your card in your Hausmoney app.

Difference #3: Both cards have a unique card number. That's right - they don't share the same card number.

These cards are independent of each other. In other words, they each have their own unique 16-digit number assigned to them. This is by design so should you ever need to freeze (or suspend) a card, you have the one available to you!

Difference #4: Both cards will have their own PIN code you can set.

Each of your debit cards must contain a PIN code. Something to know is that the PIN code you set up for your physical Hausmoney card does not apply to your virtual Hausmoney card.

Tip: You can set your PIN for both your physical and virtual Hausmoney debit cards in the Hausmoney app!

Still have questions? Contact your Hausmoney Experience Team at or call 1.888.688.4349.

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