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Hausmoney™: How do pending transactions impact my available balance
Hausmoney™: How do pending transactions impact my available balance

This article provides guidance on what a pending transaction is and the impact it has on your available balance.

Updated over a week ago

In your Hausmoney™ app, you will be able to identify any transaction that is pending and therefore affecting your available balance. These transactions are tagged as PENDING.

A pending transaction is a recent card transaction that has not yet been fully processed by the merchant. Most people also reference these types of pending transactions as pre-authorized funds held. Most often, when you use your debit card without entering your PIN, the amount of the transaction is placed on hold in your account until the transaction is processed.

Tip: Use your PIN when making transactions as often as possible. Why? Your account's Available Balance can be impacted by debit card pre-authorization holds for "credit" or "signature" transactions. This does not include PIN-based or "debit" transactions.

Why Does This Matter?

There are a few reasons why this may matter to you:

  1. You have two balances available to view in your Hausmoney app: Available Balance and Current Balance. You may find a difference in these two balances if you have a transaction(s) that is pending and not yet processed. Pending transactions can impact your Available Balance, which is the amount you currently have available to spend.

  2. Pre-authorized holds can sometimes take up to seven days to clear and post on your Hausmoney account. So, be mindful of this when out making purchases with your Hausmoney cards.


You have a balance of $1,000 in your Hausmoney checking account and there are two pending transactions totaling $375 (one for the gas purchase you made for $125 and one for an online hotel reservation for $250). Your available balance at the moment will reflect $625, meaning you currently have $625 available to spend.

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