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Hausmoney™: How to formally dispute a transaction
Hausmoney™: How to formally dispute a transaction

This article provides guidance on filing a transaction dispute through Hausmoney.

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Seeing a transaction you didn't make can be perplexing. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you can always file a formal transaction dispute with us and our team will be happy to support you in getting this transaction investigated.

Keep in mind, you cannot file a dispute until the transaction in dispute has been posted to your account. Once the transaction posts, you are able to open a formal dispute to get the situation resolved. As part of the formality of the dispute process, we are required to ask that you submit an email to detailing the following information:

Put This Information In Your Email To Us:

  1. Send an email to

  2. In the email's subject line put: DISPUTE

  3. The email should include the following pieces of information:

    1. Your first and last name.

    2. The date the transaction was posted on your Hausmoney™ account.

    3. The dollar amount of the transaction.

    4. The name of the merchant the transaction is associated with.

    5. Any supporting documentation such as:

      • Documentation of the transaction, such as a receipt or invoice.

      • Any correspondence between the user and the merchant regarding the transaction.

      • Evidence of any attempt to resolve the dispute with the merchant, such as copies of emails, letters, or chats.

      • Proof of shipment or delivery, if applicable.

      • Any other relevant documentation that supports the user’s claim, such as photographs or screenshots.

    6. Please include details such as the below, if applicable:

      • Detailed Description of Merchandise (e.g., color, size, brand)

      • Expected Delivery Date

      • Shipping/tracking number

      • Was it delivered to a different address and which address was it supposed to be delivered to?

Once you send an email with the information outlined above included we'll send you an email confirmation we've got your dispute and we'll begin investigating.


  • We cannot initiate an investigation of a transaction when it is a pending transaction. So, keep this in mind!

  • We may determine the best action to protect your account is to terminate the debit card the transaction was made with. However, don't worry, you have two Hausmoney debit cards (your virtual card and your physical card), which means if one is terminated, the other is still available to be used. Here is a great article on how your Hausmoney cards are similar and how they are different.

  • An investigation of a transaction can take time - sometimes up to 45 days. But, we may issue you a provisional credit on your account while we're finalizing our investigation of the transaction. Your Hausmoney Experience Team will keep you well-informed on this process.

Still have questions? Contact your Hausmoney Experience Team at or call 1.888.688.4349

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